N is for Negative Impact of Bankruptcy on Credit and How to Overcome it.

N by procsilas in Bankruptcy is for the Negative Impact of Bankruptcy on Credit and How to Overcome it.

By Christopher C. Carr, Esq. Chester County bankruptcy attorney.

Most people are aware that filing bankruptcy can hurt their credit and it is well known that this can take its toll for up to ten years. But then why is it that the credit card apps start arriving again just a few weeks after a discharge in bankruptcy? Is it really true that a bankrupt is doomed to being deemed uncreditworthy for ten years? We will explore these questions below but first a bit of background.

The information contained within your credit report is generally governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This federal law specifies how long a bankruptcy can appear on your credit report. This in turn varies based on type of bankruptcy as well as disposition of the case. Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies will appear on the report for up to 10 years from the filing date. Non-discharged or dismissed Chapter 13 and 12 bankruptcies also appear on a credit report for up to 10 years. Discharged Chapter 12 and 13 bankruptcies can remain on the report for up to seven years.

Does this mean that your credit will be impaired for 7 or 10 years? Does it mean you will not be able to purchase critical items on credit?    Certainly not, at least for the debtor who learns from past errors.

Note that the period starts running from the date of filing not discharge so, for example, if you filed a a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition 4 years ago and completed a 3 year plan 6 months ago, you only have three years to go. And during this time, you will, with persistence, be able to get credit for the things you really need (see below.)

You can begin to rebuild your credit rating immediately upon the date of your discharge order.  In a Chapter 7 this will be granted 3-4 months after your petition is filed, typically.   If you are in a Chapter 13 your plan payments will be reported even while still in bankruptcy.

Don’t even think about hiring a “Credit repair” agency. The money you might pay them can actually be used directly to repair your credit in the one way the experts agree really works.  The crucial thing you can do to rebuild your credit quickly and at no added cost is to pay all your bills on time. No exceptions.  It is not uncommon to see former clients who have rebuilt their ratings within 2 to 3 years after a bankruptcy. Their secret?  They paid their mortgage and car loans ON TIME and didn’t miss a payment. Some ideas: Send the checks EARLY in case the mail is delayed. Set up an emergency fund, perhaps in a short term CD, say with your tax refund to give yourself the “float” needed to make the payments in case you are short one month and then replenish it in flush months. Have the mental discipline to reserve it just for this purpose! If worse comes to worse, borrow against your IRA, 401K at work, life insurance policy  or pension.

As an example, a recent Chapter 7 client finished his case; obtained his discharge order and exactly 30 months later (2 years and 6 months), purchased a new home and obtained a competitive mortgage rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage.

You will be able to get a new credit card after your bankruptcy case has been completed.   It is true that you are likely to be rejected once or twice, but you should be able to obtain approval for a small credit card as long as you are persistent. Your best bet may be to talk to that friendly bank manager you have known for years. And you may need to ask more than once.

There are also ways to surrender that car you are driving now and its high rate loan and purchase a new car even while in bankruptcy, believe it or not.  You will pay a somewhat higher interest rate but rates are at historically low levels now anyway.

You will also be able to obtain student loans, for yourself or for a child, the Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. Section 525) specifically prevents the government from discriminating against individuals on the grounds that they have filed for bankruptcy relief.  I have yet to hear of anyone being denied a student loan on bankruptcy grounds.

There are in addition certain “tricks of the trade” that a competent and compassionate bankruptcy attorney can impart to you once you have retained him or her which will speed up the process of restoring your credit even further.   Be sure to ask!

In conclusion, your payment history will be crucial after (and in a Chapter 13 even during) a bankruptcy discharge, because prospective lenders really will  be looking  to see that you have paid attention to the mandatory debtor counseling sessions and have well and truly learned the lesson of how to use credit responsibly. It often will be easier to rebuild credit after a bankruptcy discharge because you will no longer have debts that hopelessly exceed your credit limits.  In this way and in general (certainly, not in every individual case) over the long haul, the consumer bankruptcy laws prove their worth. This writ large then is why the “fresh start” offered to debtors by our system of bankruptcy is a necessity to a healthy capitalistic system.

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