T in the bankruptcy Alphabet is for the Missing Tax Refund

By Christopher C. Carr, Esq. Chester County bankruptcy attorney.

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T 5309561982_8b35ba89ec_t[1] So you filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and then filed for a tax refund for the same year. YOUR REFUND NEVER ARRIVES. Surprise Surprise! The bankruptcy trustee had it directed to him. A trustee’s primarily job is to represent your unsecured creditors and he/she can submit a request for your federal tax refund on behalf of the bankruptcy estate and distribute the funds to them.

Think about it, when you file for bankruptcy what is the no. 1 thing the trustee is interested in?  Your INCOME of course. And what is a tax refund really but INCOME that you let Uncle Sam hold for you (interest free). The trustee under most circumstances is entitled to it.

Could this have been avoided? The answer is most certainly “yes” with a little planning. Unless an emergency bankruptcy has to be filed to save a home from Sheriff’s sale or a car from repossession, most clients have a good deal of time between the time they come in to meet with me for the first time and filing. A good bankruptcy lawyer will examine your most recent tax return to see if your refund is too high. If so, I will advise you to immediately reduce your payroll tax deduction (by increasing your exemptions on your W-4 withholding form which you have the right to do at any time.) This will put money in your pocket NOW and you can likely show a tax refund small enough so that your trustee will not even bother with it.

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